Keep Your Restaurant kitchen up to code with M and R Shine Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services

Pass your next fire and health inspections with flying colors by having M and R Shine Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning clean your kitchen.


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Kitchen Equipment Cleaning
Hood and Appliance Cleaning
Hood Exhaust Cleaning
Stainless-Steel Cleaning

Full Service Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners


Our Services


Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning of the accumulated oils and grease that have built up and collected , reducing your fire risk


Cleaning and Degreasing Commercial and Residential kitchen hood and appliances.


Cleaning of Equipment and Floor for commercial and Residential kitchen.


We clean, scrub, and polish your stainless-steel back walls from top to bottom, clean thefloor that's hidden by appliances and degrease all gas pipes.

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted and Experienced

A trusted and experienced kitchen cleaning company provides comprehensive cleaning services with experienced staff and a strong reputation. We offer a wide range of services, including deep cleaning and sanitizing, utilizing the knowledge and equipment required to deliver top-quality results.

Reliable and Fully Insured

A kitchen cleaning company that is reliable and fully insured can provide peace of mind to customers. With full insurance coverage, customers can trust that their property and belongings are protected during the cleaning process. A company with a reputation for reliability can ensure that thier services are delivered as promised, on time.

Maintenance Plans

We offer regularly scheduled service alls in 3, 6, and 12 month intervals depending on your needs. Regular maintence extends your equipment life, eeps you withing code, and more importantly saves you money. Ask us how you can get on our maintenance plan.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

A kitchen cleaning company with a satisfaction guarantee provides assurance of cleaning needs met and increases customer trust. It also demonstrates the company’s dedication to high-quality services and confidence in meeting customer expectations.

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